About Event

For the last two years, this conference has created a community of cost engineers to unite, benchmark strategies and examine best practices.

After two successful European events and three successful US events, the 3rd edition of the Automotive Cost Engineering & Design Collaboration Europe 2020 has been iterated to add emphasis on the collaboration amongst cost engineers, design engineers and purchasers across the supply chain.

New for 2020:

  • Interactive workshops dedicated to the changing demand for electrification
  • Benchmark with industry leaders about team structures, organisational strategy and top priorities
  • Innovative strategies to incorporate design-to-cost from the early stages of product development
  • Real-life case studies providing deep depth insights into cost engineering methodology
  • A focus on integration within organisations; and collaborations across the supply chain

Automotive companies from across the supply chain are advancing their strategies to accurately and efficiently optimise costs. Make sure you gain a competitive advantage by joining us in May.